Fr.Xavier Aresseril Memorial English medium school was established in the year 2000 monitered and run by The Aresseril Charitable & Educational Trust with a mission to provide quality education ensuring at the same time, overall development of the child. The School is located at Arthunkal, Alappuzha, Kerala & the medium of teaching is English. The syllabus followed is CBSE. Facilities that are available in the school include Computers, Library, Play Ground and Good Transportation Facilities. The Co-Curricular activities that are taught in the school include Arts & Crafts, Classical Dance, Western Dance, Western Music, Karate and Yoga. The languages taught in the school are Hindi & Malayalam.

The school aims to imbue the age old traditions and values amongst the students in the most undiluted and pure form. At the same time , the school takes ample initiatives to pace up with the every changing dynamic technological advancement to give a lead in their discipline to study. Our school is an initiative to develop students through self-study, self-thinking, self-discipline and self-help which are the four corner stone's of our teaching methodology...

Our Vision / Mission

Our Mission
To develop in the student qualities of integrity, honesty and compassion.
To promote the spirit of enquiry.
To foster scientific temper within the bonds of humanism.
To help the students become a meaningful part of their environment.
To see that courage and industry get their just rewards.
To give every child the opportunity to blossom in a non-judgemental and loving environment that guides them in their pursuit of excellence.

School Information

1 ) Name of the school with Address (Strictly as per Affiliation sanction letter or as permitted by the Board) : Fr.Xavier Aresseril Memorial English Medium School Arthunkal PO, Cherthala, Alappuzha District, Kerala, PIN 688530
(i)E-mail : aresserilpublicschool@gmail.com
(ii)Ph.No : 0478 2962100
(iii)Web: http://aresserilschool.com
2 ) Year of establisment of school : 01 June 2000
3 ) Whether NOC from State/UT or recommendation of Embassi of India obtained ? : Government Of Kerala
(i) NOC No : Kerala Govt Gen Edn (N) Dept GO (MS) No 88/2015/G.Edn
(ii) NOC issuing date : 16/04/2015
4 ) Is the school is recogonised,if yes by which Authority : Yes. CBSE
5 ) Status of Affliation (Permanent/Regular/Provisonal) Provisonal
(i) Affiliation No 931294
(ii) Affliation with the board since 01/04/2017
(iii) Extension of affiliation upto 31/03/2020
6 ) Name of Trust/Society/ Company Registerd under Section 25 of the company Act, 1956. : Aresseril Charitable & Educational Trust
Regd No A-660/96
Period upto which Registration of Trust/Society is valid Until it is dissolved.
7 ) List of members of school Managing committee : 1 Mr.Sebastian A J
2 Mr. Cecil
3 Mr Dominic A S
4 Mrs Susan Joykkutty
5 Mr Krishnan Premachandran
6 Mrs Remadevi K R
7 Mr C A Joykkutty
8 Fr.Cyrus Kalathil
9 K Rajan Joseph
10 Mrs.Biji K R
11 Sr. Cornelia
12 Mrs Sinija Sabu
13 Mrs Cinija
14 Mary Agnes K J
15 Mrs Sindhu
16 Mrs Mary Clinta.
8 )  Name and official address of the Manager / President/Chairman/Correspondent : Mr Krishnan Premachandran, Manager
E-mail : thengapurackel@gmail.com

Fax No.
9 ) Area of school campus  
(i) In Acres : 2.20 Acres
(ii) In sq.mtrs : 8878 Sq.mtr
(iii) Build up area (sq.mtrs) : 980 Sq.mtr
(iv) Area of playground (sq.mtrs) : 7800 Sq.mtr
(v) Other facilities :  
(i) Swimming Pool : No
(ii) Indoor games : Yes
(iii) Dance Rooms : Yes
(iv) Gymnasium : No
(v) Music Rooms : Yes
(vi) Hostels : No
(vii) Health & Medical Check up : Yes
10 ) Details of fee structure (monthly total fee) : IstInstalment 2ndInstalment 3rdInstalment
(i) I to II : 5000/- 5000/- 5000/-
(ii) III to IV : 7000/- 7000/- 7000/-
(iii) V to VI : 9000/- 9000/- 9000/-
(iV) VII to VIII : 11000/- 11000/- 11000/-
(V) IX : 13000/- 13000/- 13000/-
11 ) Transport facility :  
(i) Own Buses : 2 Buses
(ii) Buses hired on contract basis : No
(iii) Details of transport charges : According to Distance
12 ) Particulars of Teaching staff (to be updated time to time ):  
Designation Total No.
Principal 1
Health Wellness Teacher 1
Librarian 1
Others 4
13 ) Details of salary being paid by the school to teaching staff/non teaching staff(to be updated time to time )  
Designation Scale of pay
Pricipal 48310/-
Vice-Principal 32488/-
Clerk 24508/-
TGT 21430/-
PRT 24508/-
PTI 30898/-
Counsellor 24508/-
Librarian 26992/-
3 John
14 ) Mode of payment of salary  
(i) Name of the Bank through which salary is drawing : State Bank of India Arthunkal
(ii) Through Single cheque transfer advice : Yes
(iii) Individual cheque :  
(iv) Cash  
15 ) Library facilities :  
(i) Size of the library in sq.feet : 700 sqft
(ii) No.of periodicals : 13
(iii) No.of Dailies 7
(iv) No of Reference books class-wise : English (125)
Malayalam (363)
Hindi (196)
Science (313)
Physics (57)
Chemistry (82)
Biology (81)
Social science (136)
Mathematics (64)
Computer Science (105)
(v) No.of Magazine : 7
(vi) Others: Total No. of books-1822
16 ) Name of the Grievance / redressal Officer with E-mail and Fax No :  
17 ) Members of Sexual Harassment Committee : Dr. Sojiya Job
Mr Krishnan Premachandran
Smt.,Remadevi K R
  Smt., Princy K J ,
Mrs.Taniya ,
Adv.D Deepak ,
Mrs. Rosemary P S
18 ) class wise enrollment of school for the current session :  
Class No.of Section Enrolment
Nursery / KG / LKG 1 42
I 1 18
II 1 19
III 1 23
IV 1 21
V 1 12
VI 1 13
VII 1 5
VIII 1 4
IX 1 3
X 0 0
XI 0 0
XII 0 0
  TOTAL : 160
19 ) Academic session period: June to March 2019-20
20 ) Vacation period :
April to May
April to May
21 ) Admission period :
April to May
May to June

S.No Teacher Name GENDER Qualification Designation
1 Remadevi K.R. F BSc BEd Principal
2 Princy James F MA BEd V Principal
3 Mary Agnus K J F MSc BEd PGT
4 Pearlamma K T F BEd TGT
5 Rose Mary P A F BSc BEd TGT
6 Jain juliet K C F BA,BEd TGT
7 Rachanamol O F BA BEd TGT
8 Elizabeth John F BA BEd TGT
9 Aleena Philip F MSc,BEd TGT
10 Senjumol P S F BA,BEd TGT
11 Angel Stephy F MA BEd TGT
12 Sindhu J F S Acarya BEd PRT
13 Manju K L F BSc,BEd PRT
14 Ancy Sebastian F BSc,BEd PRT
15 Keerthy S Kumar F BSc,BEd PRT
16 Rajana Ashokan F MA,BEd PRT
17 Reshma O F BTech Comp Science PRT
18 Mary Telma F BPEd PTI
19 Nihas K N F BA,LISc PRT
20 Vinila F F BSc,BEd PRT
21 Taniya Mary F BA MSW PRT
22 Xavier A S M BA, TTC OTHER
23 Celine Charley F 8th OTHER

Children's Day Celebration 2016

Admission forms are available from the school office for the academic session 2017-2018 (LKG UKG and Class I).

We are following a curriculum as per the CBSE norms and the medium of instruction is English.

It is well known that education begins at home. In other words, the parent is "The first Teacher" of the child. Hence utmost co-operation between the home and school is essential. Parents are therefore requested to observe the following instructions for the benefit of their ward.

Parents are requested to co-operate with the school in its attempt to help the children's progress by paying attention to their regularity, punctuality, discipline and by taking interest in their work. They should check the diary of their ward and note the home work set and any other instructions given. They are advised to check their bags to see if any notice or invitation is sent.
Provide the wards with school uniforms, bags, text books, pen, note books etc to school as per time table only.
Ensure that your ward comes to school in neat and tidy uniforms, pays the fees in time and adhere to the code of conduct of the school.
Do not send your child who is suffering from infections or contagious diseases to school.
It is obligatory for parents to attend Parent Teacher Association to meet and discuss the various issues of their wards with the teachers concerned.
Parents are requested to inform the school if there is any change in their address.
Punctuality is to be strictly observed. All students should be in the school premises by sharp 9.10 am.




Application for admission is made in the prescribed form available at the school office.


For admission to LKG, a child should have completed 3 years on the 01st of Jun of the school year in which admission is sought. Similarly the pupils should fulfill the corresponding age requirements for admission to the other classes.


Parents may submit application for registering their children in the school office on or after 1st of January. Registration of the name does not guarantee the admission. The idea of registering the names in advance is to estimate the probable number of students seeking admission, to ensure limited number of pupils in each class, to examine the feasibility of opening new divisions and to create a channel to correspond with the parent / guardian to appraise him / her of the latest information about admission.

School Hours

School hours are from 9.30 am to 3.30 pm Monday to Friday. Children should not be brought to school before 9.10 am and should not be left after 3.45 pm during school days. This policy will be strictly enforced. These timings should be strictly followed.


It is well known that education begins at home. In other words, the parent is "The first Teacher" of the child. Hence utmost co-operation between the home and school is essential. Parents are therefore requested to observe the following instructions for the benefit of their ward.